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A new way to gain an understanding of scientific ideas for everyone - from those who find science daunting to science teachers themselves but with GCSE candidates in mind.

2005 University of Gloucestershire.
United Kingdom.

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Access into the CD is either through one of the issues below or through an index. This index is based on the Science National Curriculum for England and Wales at Key Stages 3 and 4.

This CD challenges known misconceptions that typically remain even after students have completed a GCSE science course, it helps users build a clear and scientific understanding of the world and the way it works.

"Science Issues and the National Curriculum" is divided into ten units:

1 Matter - Solid waste management and recycling
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2 Genetics - Cell function and genetic engineering
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3 Atmosphere - Ozone depletion, the greenhouse effect and acid rain
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4 Biodiversity - Evolution and chaos theory
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5 Energy - Its distinction from matter and its degradation over time
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6 Radioactivity - Its uses and safety
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7 Agriculture - Plants, animals and the soil
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8 The Home - How materials and energy are used
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9 Health - How our body works
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10 Transport - Forces, energy and navigation
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